How to choose the dash camera for me?
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How long does the car black box Z1 last on the battery? I don't like the charging cords.

We understand the preference and convenience of not using charging cords. However, with today’s technology, charging cords are still necessary for recording for a long time, as recording (and screen display) is (are) very power consuming. Z1 can last roughly 15 minutes for continuous recording starting with a full battery (the LCD will be automatically turned off during recording to save battery during recording unless you force the LCD to be on). We also want to point out with the motion and vibration detection features, Z1 can turn itself on to record when it detects motion or vibration, and turn itself off soon after no more motion or vibration is detected anymore. This smart turning-off feature could save the battery and make the actual valid and useful recording time spanning a much longer time.

How long is the battery life?

Approximately 15 mins video recording from a full charge – This is normally sufficient power for the ‘Delayed Power Off’ feature and 72 hours of ‘Parking Mode.’ An external power supply is required for longer recordings.

How do I install/use the GPS software?

You can download the installation and user guide for the Z-Edge T3, Z3G, Z3D, Z3PRO, F400G & F400D GPS Multimedia Player (Mac and Windows)  from our download page here:

Does the camera record your voice?

Yes – If you’d rather it didn’t, audio recording can be muted by pressing the ‘UP’ button. Note: the mute button may differ between dash cam models, please refer to the user manual.

Does the device automatically override the oldest footage, or do you have to manually delete the memory?

Yes – The ‘Loop Recording’ feature automatically overwrites the oldest unprotected video clip when the storage limit is reached. You can set the length of each video clip in the ‘Loop Recording’ menu.

Does the LCD screen need to be continuously on for motion detection?

No – Set the ‘LCD Power Save’ timer on, for the screen to automatically turn off in the event of no activity.

How does ‘Parking Mode’ work? Does it drain the battery?

In ‘Parking Mode’ the device will automatically monitor your vehicle for vibrations even whilst powered off. When vibrations are detected, the device will automatically turn itself on and start recording. Without further vibrations, the device will automatically turn off again. The sensitivity of the G-Sensor (which detects the vibrations) can be set from high to low within the settings menu. In this mode, dash cam battery power alone is usually sufficient.

Note: if your cigarette lighter continues to supply power after the engine is switched off, we recommend that you unplug your dash cam. Especially when leaving your vehicle for a prolonged period of time.

How do I stop recording without turning the device off?

Press the ‘OK’ button – This will manually stop/start video recording. Note: the record button may differ between dash cam models, please refer to the user manual.

Why does my dash cam not record in 3 mins clips even though I set this clip duration in ‘Loop Recording’?

If the motion detection feature is enabled, video clip duration can be prematurely shortened. The video clip duration set in the ‘Loop Recording’ menu sets the maximum length a file can be before it is saved and a new one created.

How do I reset my dash cam?

Refer to the ‘User Manual’ for the location of the reset pin hole. Using a needle press to reset dash cam.

How to solve Z3 blue screen issue?

Z3 blue screen issue can be fixed by firmware update. Please refer to “ Z-Edge Z3 Firmware Update Guide for Solving Blue Screen Issue” document in Downloads menu.

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What warranties do you provide for your products?

In general we provide a 30-day Money-Back guarantee and a 18-month Replacement warranty for our products, except for certainly products with specified different warranty policies on their pages.